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Energy Management

Plumbing Services:

 • Pump selection & design, valves selection as per various manufacturer recommendation,
 • Checking the overall capacity of RO plant system, if required add/suggest necessary changes.
 • Checking the feasibility of flow rate vs pipe sizes, material and their costing.

Electrical Services:

 • Study & analysis of project.
 • Check the design consideration for panel and suggest/check the distribution.
 • Study &Review of proposed BOQ, specs, drawing etc.
 • Add & design the proposed services wherever essential as per actual working condition.
 • Preparation of generalized Specification sheets for load details.
 • To prepare list of detailed Technical Queries.
 • To verify/suggest appropriate cable sizes and their unit rates.
 • Checks proposed incoming power supply and verifies its feasibility.
 • To prepare the price BOQ as per current market rate.


Installations: LT panels, Motors, Drives, Earthing stations, Metering Areas, Batteries, UPS, Server system

 • Operational support contracts.
 • Onsite measurement of your consumed energy
 • Discuss the equipment on site in your presence & identify potential saving.
 • Measurement and verification of results.
 • After analyzing the test reports, the recommendations for Optimization & efficiency improvement will be submitted.

Motors and drives:

 • Checking of Operating motors, drives, fans, blowers
 • Recommendation to preserve the life time of Motors and sensitive equipments
 • Check of failure of motors & electrical circuit Board.
 • Check of performance of all motors on site
 • After analyzing the test reports, recommendations for Optimization & efficiency improvement.

Lighting systems:

 • Check of energy bill, recommendation to save the energy
 • After analyzing the test reports, recommendation for Optimization & efficiency improvement analysis along with details of Energy efficient lights.

Tariff analysis

Detailed check of last Six months or One year Electricity Bills & submitting the report with detailed analysis and recommendation for Optimization, penalty, incentives etc. Improve the power factor of system & get the incentive, avoid the penalties.

Critical safety issues

Critical safety issues against the installation, Distribution, operation for all Electrical installations, Recommendations for improvement will be submitted.

Maintenance contracts

Verify the Maintenance contracts for AMC & suggestion for improvement from cost and performance point of view.


 • Onsite data collection, data analysis and documentation
 • Label preparation and installation
 • Training for impacted personnel
 • Hazard analysis is performed and reviewed by Professional Engineers
 • In-house label preparation equipment provides the ability to tailor the labels to match the clients arc Flash labelling standards
 • Deliverables include system documentation, a preliminary report, completed analysis results, labels, and a final report.

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