ESAPLLING, is an innovation and product focused initiave, having vision to be part of everyone's life to serve in a best possibleway.

Board of Director(s)

Satya Narayan Patri

Rupali Pawar

Director & Consultant(s)

Bharatbhusan Kolhe

V Saha

V K Seth

A Kumar

Experts and Advisory Members

Sakshi Saxena - Digital and PR

Rajeev Kumar - Electromotive

Venessa William - HVAC and Medical Devices

Viram Saha - Director International Business

Vivek Saxena - Swipe station and Charge station

Paresh Mistry - Masks and Filters

Ambarsh G - Automotive Designs and Localization

Legal and Compliance

Amol Shitole

Nitesh Mahajan

Vishnu Rathi