ICU - Ventilator "VENOMO"

Technical Specification Catalouge Certification

Venmo is derived from a German word, which means Computer defined, As Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is always dependant on highly monitored and systematic data the name it self signifies the accuracy, the same has been tested and affiliated with the laboratories and the product came into existence in pandemic situation saving many life, this is one of the make in India product initiative by ESAPLLING

Ventilator Modes Control Parameters Special Function

PCV (Pressure Control Ventilation)
APCV (Assist Pressure Control Ventilation) PCV - SIMV
VCV/s (Assist Volume Control Ventilation) VCV/SIMV
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) CPAP/PSV (Pressure Support)
PRVC (Pressure  Regulated Volume Control) HFNT (High Flow Nasal Therapy)

VCV- PSV (Volume Control with Pressure Support)
Tidal Volume
PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure)
(Continuous Positive Airway Pressure): Pressure acceleration
Inspiratory Flow:

FIO2 :
Breath Rate:
Pressure Trigger:
Pressure Support:
Pressure Trigger:
Flow Trigger:
Peak Flow: Spontaneous:
40 to 1200 ml)
1 To 30 CmgerH2O

55 ltr continuous,
120 Ltr Peak Flow
21 TO 100%
10 TO 60 BPM
0.1 TO 12 SEC.
1 TO (-) 15 CmH2O
0 to 60 cm h20
1 to (-) 15 cmh2o.
off, 1 to 20 lpm
1 to 180 lpm
Manual Breath Screen Lock Inspiratory Hold Night Mode Pneumatic Nebulizer Tidal Volume (Delivered)
Tidal Volume (Exhaled) Minute Volume
Peak Inspiratory Pressure (pip)
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Mean
Airway Pressure (MAP)
Peak flow
Real Time Flow Breathe Rate
Spontaneous Breathe Rate I Time
I: E Ratio FIO2
Real Time Waveform: Airway Pressure, Flow,
Volume Loops: PV Loop, FV loop.
Trends: up to 12 hrs Platue Pressure
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