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Air Filter "Aktion"

Technical Specification Catalouge Certification

Aktion ,Aktion in a powerful air purification technology that disinfects the air by emitting UV rays using Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation technology by emitting UV rays in the range of 254 nm (UV-C band). Designed and developed by ESAPLLING, these rays disrupt the DNA of the micro-organisms, preventing them from reproducing, and thereby killing germicides. Several options are available for its implementation in projects, such as standalone units, on coil, in-duct or in-room.

Specifications Features  
• Control Infection
• Cost Effective
• Ready to Use
• Saves Energy
• Proven Technology
• Designed in accordance with ASHRAE recommendation for COVID
• Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment standards
• Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation
• Dual lamp & dual ended lamp holder for enhanced safety and vibration protection.
• Inbuilt electronic type ballast with life rated for more than 15000 starts
• Automatically regulate the UV Lamps when the airflow is detected.
• Laboratories
• Food & Beverage Industry
• Clean Room Applications
• Offices