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Air Filter "Aphox"

Technical Specification Catalouge Certification

Afhox , AFOX is a highly activated Carbon Filtration technology filter, specially designed by ESAPLLING and are used for removal of odor and contamination. AFOX activated carbon filters having excellent absorption are used in different air ventilation systems, low pressure drop areas, large surface having.

Specifications Features  
• Frame: Aluminum / G.I
• Thickness: 150mm,305mm
• Type: Cassette & Flange Type both
• Media: Synthetic Media/ Polyester Fiber
• Adhering granule activated carbon on sponge • Adsorb and eliminate harmful gases
• Large surface area and High carbon content
• Integrated particle filter for the retention of oil vapors, hydrocarbons, and odors.
• High adsorption capacity and retention with low differential pressure.
• Capture and remove unwanted or harmful VOCs from indoor personal