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Model No:ESP_SC_1003

image of Thunder coller Thunder (ESP_SC_1003) One of the Top selling product, comes with a well known look, preferred for home uses. Product has a typical look along with steadiness. Polymer body gives a long life, Rogger design with less. Our patented insulated cooler design evolved as a result of our determination to ship perishable food in longer transit times cost-effectively-any time of the year.

•  Air Flow

•  Water Tank Capacity

•  Power Consumption

•  Water Level Indicator

•  Remote Control

Air flow icon

Air Flow
5000m3/hr with
400mm Blade

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Speed icon

3 Speed Controller

Long mains cord icon

Long Mains Cord

Inverter icon

Compatible 70

 Four Directional Air flow icon

Four Way

Castor wheels icon

Castor Wheels

Remote Contorl icon

Remote Control

Low noise icon

Low Noise &
Smooth Fresh Air

      Model Name       Thunder
    Model Number     ESP_SC_1003
    Air Delivery (M3/h)     5000m3/hr
    Humidity Control     Yes
    Water Tank Capacity(l)     63
    Water Level Indicator     Yes
    Cooling Medium     Wood Wool/Honeycomb Pad
    Remote Control     Yes
    Inverter Compatibility     Yes
    Caster Wheels     Yes
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