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Model No: ESPINVM01E01

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Parameter Unit 1(Ton)
Model --- ESPINVM01E01
Rated Voltage V ~ 220-240
Rated Frequency Hz Model50
Phases -- 1
Power Supply Mode -- Indoor
Inverter Technology -- Yes
Cross-sectional Area of Power Cable Conductor mm2 1.0
Recommended Power Cable(Core) N 3
Min/Max. Voltage V 198/264
Cooling Capacity W 3520
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 12000
Min. Cooling Capacity W 550
Min. Cooling Capacity Btu/h 1877
Max. Cooling Capacity W 4000
Max. Cooling Capacity Btu/h 13648
Cooling Power Input W 1100
Min. Cooling Power Input W 180
Max. Cooling Power Input W 1560
Cooling Current A 4.88
Rated Input W 1560
EER W/W 3.20
EER (Btu/h)/w 10.9
Air Flow Volume m3/h 660/540/460/330
Dehumidifying Volume PINT/D 2.54
Application Area m2 15-22
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Model ESPINVM01E01- IDU
Fan Type -- Cross-flow
Cooling Speed r/min 1350/1200/800/65 0
Fan Motor Power Output W 20
Fan Motor RLA A 0.24
Fan Motor Capacitor μF 1.5
Evaporator Form -- Gold Fin- Copper Tube
Evaporator Pipe Diameter mm φ5
Evaporator Row-fin Gap mm 2-1.4
Fuse Current A 3.15
Set Temperature Range 16~31
Set Temperature Range 61~88
Sound Pressure Level(SH/H/L/SL) dB (A) 28/25/22/19
Dimension (W×H×D) mm 850x291x203
Dimension of Carton Box(W×H×D) mm 927x287x365
Dimension of Package(W×H×D) mm 930x297x368
Stacked Layers - 7
Outdoor Unit Model ESPINVM01E01- ODU
Compressor Trademark SANYO
Compressor Manufacturer -- China Resources (Shenyang) SanyoCompressor Co., LTD.
Compressor Type -- Rotary
Compressor LRA. A 25
Compressor LRA. A 3.5
Compressor Power Input W 780
Outdoor Unit
Compressor Overload Protector -- --
Fan Type -- Axial-flow
Fan Motor Speed rpm 850
Fan Motor Power Output W 29
Fan Motor RLA A 0.3
Fan Motor Capacitor μF 2.5
Outdoor Unit Air Flow Volume m3/h 1800
Condenser Form -- Gold Fin- Copper Tube
Condenser Pipe Diameter mm φ7.94
Condenser Rows-fin Gap mm 1-1.4
Condenser Coil Length (L×D×W)Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Discharge Side MPa 4.3
Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Suction Side MPa 2.5
Maximum Allowable Pressure MPa 4.3
Cooling Operation Ambient Temperature Range 18~48
Throttling Method -- Capillary
Climate Type -- T1
Climate Zone -- Temperate Zone
Isolation -- I
Moisture Protection -- IP24
Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 51
Sound Power Level dB (A) 63
Dimension (W×H×D) mm 830X540X325
Dimension of Carton Box (W×H×D) mm 876x585x363
Dimension of Package(W×H×D) mm 879x605x366
Stacked Layers -- 5
Net Weight kg 28
Gross Weight kg 31
Refrigerant -- R410A
Refrigerant Charge kg 0.75
Length m 4
Length ft 16.4
Gas Additional Charge g/m 20
Outer Diameter of Liquid Pipe(SKYWORTH Allocation)(Metric) mm φ6
Outer Diameter of Liquid Pipe(British System Allocation inch 1/4"
Outer Diameter of Gas Pipe(SKYWORTH Allocation)(Metric) mm φ12
Outer Diameter of Gas Pipe(British System Allocation inch 1/2"
Max Distance Height m 10
Outer Diameter of Liquid Pipe(British System Allocation Max Distance Height ft 32.8
Outer Diameter of Liquid Pipe(British System Allocation m 20
Max Distance Length ft 20
Loading Quantity( 20’ Container ) unit 93
Loading Quantity( 40’ Container ) unit 204
Loading Quantity( 40’ High Cube Container ) unit 238
Air Condition Function
Automatic Operation YES
Cooling YES
Heating YES
Dehumidify YES
Sleep Mode Normal sleep mode
Auto Swing(Vertical Auto Swing) YES
Auto Swing(Horizontal Auto Swing) NO
Auto Fan YES
Quiet YES
I Feel YES
Anion NO
Cold Plasma NO
Intelligent Preheating NO
Fresh Air NO
Dry Anti-Mildew Design YES
Several Optional Filters (eg:Active Carbon) NO
Intelligent Preheating NO
Auto Clean YES
Timer YES
Auto Restart YES
Turbo YES
Clock YES
Auto CleTemperaturean YES
Soft Start NO
Self Diagnosis YES
Lock YES
CO Detection NO
CO2 Detection NO
LockFilter Dirty Alarm YES
Intelligent Open-Close Panel YES
Compressor Electric Heater Function NO
Chassis Electric Heater Function NO
Quick Connector NO
LCD (No Back Light NO
LCD ( Back Light NO
Intelligent Defrosting YES
Force Defrosting YES
Auxiliary Electrical Heater NO
Energy Saving YES
8℃ Heating Mode YES
Turbo Cooling YES
High-Voltage Electrostatic Dedust NO
Low Ambient Cooling YES
Voltage Startup NO
Standby YES
Multi Speeds YES