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Double Duct

An effort to optimize the energy mix, deployment of smart technology, intelligent investment for operational efficiency. A need to align to greater competition and regulatory directives becomes imperative as cost of materials and labor go up. Utilities are, thus, taking a fresh look at technology as a tool to gain competitive advantage. From smart meters and cyberattacks to rooftop solar and energy storage, new technologies - and the problems they bring - have the potential to disrupt the utility industry. After remaining relatively unchanged for the last 100 years, the grid is facing a host of new challenges that are evolving utility business models, changing consumer expectations and causing regulatory models to adapt.

• In Double Duct system, two separate ducts run from the central unit to each of the air terminals.
• In winter two warm air streams, of different temperatures, are carried to the air terminals, for individual mixing.
• The temperatures of both air streams are automatically controlled.
• In summer the air temperature leaving the cooler is controlled by a multi-step thermostat in the re-circulating air stream, which governs the automatic capacity control of refrigerating plant, as well as the zone control.
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